Milano-Torino cocktail


A classic Italian sweet and sour cocktail with Vermouth Cocchi and Campari bitters.

Vermouth Cocchi | Bitter Campari | Angostura | 100 ML | 17% VOL.
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Miscelato artigianalmente in Italia con i migliori spirits al mondo

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The history of cocktails: Milano Torino

Milano Torino is a controversial cocktail: no one really knows when it was created, but one of the most popular versions is that it was invented to celebrate the birth of the A4 motorway in 1932, although it is more likely that it was created with the advent of the great Italian school of mixing. At the beginning of the so-called "Short Century" there were few liqueurs available in the bars: the most famous were certainly the Vermouth of Turin and the Campari of Milan. Joining the two was then obtained the Milano Torino, prepared directly in the glass, with the addition of an orange zest.

Degusta un cocktail di alta qualità, ovunque lo desideri: bastano 3 gesti...

1. Shake

Choose your favorite NIO Cocktails and have a glass full of ice ready. Shake the pack.


Just pinch and tear the colored corner, you do not need to remove it from the paper case.


Pour into the glass and let stand for a minute to enjoy everything perfectly... better in good company.