Directly to your home,
cocktails mixed by hand with the best ingredients

NIO - Needs Ice only


Create or gift a personal cocktail bar

  • Box of 5 cocktails

    CHF 45.00
    Perfect to share at home, at the park, at the beach - NIO can get anywhere

    CHF 89.00
    Explore our menu of 16 handcrafted blended cocktails and create your own bar at your home or a perfect gift for those you want

Our most chosen cocktails

A premium quality handcrafted cocktail, at your home... and in 3 simple gestures

1. Shake your Nio Cocktails

Choose the cocktail you want to taste and already prepare a glass with ice

2. Tear off the colored end

Firmly tighten the pre-cut corner and tear it off. No need to remove the plastic inner bag from the paper case

3. Pour into the glass

Pour the cocktail into the glass with ice and leave to cool for about a minute for the perfect tasting.

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