The perfect cocktails, even for the corporate world.

Our mission is to become a solution for all professional operators who want to offer original and high quality cocktails to their guests or customers, overcoming the classic difficulties, costs and inefficiencies typical of setting up a bar station.

NIO cocktails are perfect for hotels, restaurants, airlines, ships, catering, event agencies, wedding planners and in general for all companies that can customize NIOs and turn it into a gift and a marketing and communication tool.

They don't serve bartenders when NIO is around

NIO is perfect for all occasions when you want to offer quality cocktails but a very quick solution is preferable and without professional barmen. Anyone can mix the perfect cocktail - just add ice!

No glass, easier logistics

The particular packaging of NIO, in addition to being customizable in the graphics, eliminates the problems of safety and inconvenience of classic glass containers. The skin (the external part) is in coated paper while our cocktails are kept in a special certified polyethylene container in order to keep the cocktail unaltered over time. The two supports can be easily separated after use to dispose of them in full respect of the environment.

A communication tool

The skins can be customized without limits, with any graphics the customer may want. They can become a business card, a gift for customers or a marketing tool to drive brand awareness and sales.


Most of the restaurants have neither a bar nor a barman and cannot offer the possibility of extending the dinner by tasting an excellent cocktail. Furthermore, the latest world trends on restaurants and pizzerias indicate cocktails as an increasingly popular element as an alternative to classic wine or beers.

NIO is the perfect solution to include a quality cocktail list on the menu, both for an aperitif, as a pairing with dishes or to finish an excellent dinner with class. All without having to have a barman or the necessary ingredients on staff.


Our cocktails are perfect for private and corporate events. The customization makes them unique and the patented pack makes storage and disposal much easier, eliminating the weight of the glass. The quality of the ingredients guarantees you to make an excellent impression with your guests.


Many stores in Italy and abroad have added NIO cocktails to their product offering. They are an excellent suggestion as a gift idea and ideal for those in search of continuous news. NIO can become a corner, a concept store product and soon a single-brand franchise.


NIO is the solution to offer your passengers excellent cocktails, without the weight and bulk of glass. Each pack is single-dose for efficient control of consumption and can be served by anyone, without any specific preparation.

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