Cocktail a base di Rum bianco e scuro: i più amati per la stagione calda

Cocktails with white and dark Rum: the best in summer

Heat is here: what to drink in order to quench without feeling heavy? Why give up the pleasure of a cocktail when you can choose fresh, without thinking at all? Among the best of mixology, Rum cocktails are among the most popular.

Mojito Cocktail

Let’s discover is, the Caribbean distillate

First of all, what is Rum? We are talking about a distillate of brown sugar with a fascinating history. It is said that the first rum, as it is known today, was produced in Barbados - as confirmed by some 16th-century documents. It has a romantic and adventurous aura at the same time: it is often associated with Caribbean piracy in its heyday and is mentioned in many literary works, among themThe Treasure Islanc by Robert Louis Stevenson.

There are several variants which, tendentially, are distinguished in light, dark and spicy rum. It is a distillate with a sweet taste, thanks to the quantity of sugar with which it is prepared, which goes perfectly with citrus fruits and fruit - a characteristic that makes it a perfect base for refreshing and fresh cocktails, excellent for an aperitif on the beach, boat, pool, mountain trip In short, among the many summer cocktails, those based on rum are the favorites of those who love dreaming of the Caribbean, between sun, palm trees, white beaches and crystal clear sea.

Two great classics with Rum: Mojito and Daiquiri

Close your eyes for a moment, imagine the noise of the sea, a comfortable deck chair and in the background Oye Como Va by Santana to mark time. Yes, you’re in Cuba, but something is missing... What? A nice fresh Rum cocktail. Among the most popular Caribbean cocktails are Mojito and Daiquiri, perfect for a tropical summer.

The original recipe of Cuban Mojito

Legend tells that Mojito was so named around the '50s in Cuba, in a bar called La Bodeguita del Medio, by bartender Angel Martinez: he was chatting with the writer Hemingway, bewitched by his special cocktail of mixed white rum and dark rum, which told him of a spell (mojo) that was guiding him in the writing of the famous novel The old man and the sea.

Mojito cubano, cocktail con rum

We must be clear: the original recipe of the Cuban Mojito is not always respected in detail. First of all, the Cuban mojito is not crushed and the ice to use is the cubed one and not the chopped one (because the latter melts much faster). Given these two important premises, let’s move on to the ingredients that compose it:

  • White Rum
  • Fresh lime juice
  • 2 table spoond of brown sugar
  • Soda o sparkling water
  • Sprigs of fresh mint

The garnish is very simple: just a sprig of mint and voilà, here is a perfect rum drink to serve in summer! Mojito is not part of the NIO Cocktails cocktail list because we love to propose perfect cocktails, without perishable ingredients, always of quality over time.

The original recipe of Daiquiri

On the contrary, Daiquiri is part of our menu; it’s another must of mixology that has become indispensable thanks to Hemingway. Perfect to serve both as an aperitif and after dinner, it has an origin that seems to date back to the last years of '800: according to historical documentation, a marine shipwrecked in a village near Santiago de Cuba, called just Daiquiri. Here, he entered a shack looking for a way to quench his thirst. He was offered a smooth rum which, as is easily conceivable, did not exactly meet his needs. To lengthen it, he added lime juice and sugar to the distillate, creating the first Daiquiri cocktail

The ingredients of the original recipe of Daiquiri are:

  • white rum
  • fresh lime juice
  • white granulated sugar
  • some ice cubed

The recipe of Daiquiri by NIO Cocktails, signed by our Master Mixologist Patrick Pistolesi, comprehends:

  • Rum Pampero Blanco
  • organic citric acid
  • liquid sugar

I mean, you just have to add ice!

Enjoy summer with NIO Cocktails, build your box with Rum cocktails and… cheers!