Roasted Amaretto Sour


Roasted amaretto, cocoa, coffee and cinnamon with a touch of lemon give rise to a classic of summer evenings.

Key Ingredients:

Liquore di mandorle tostate Amaretto Adriatico | Acido citrico biologico | Zucchero liquido Toschi | 100ML | 16.8% | Allergeni: Mandorle
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Dinner is over, but there's always room for something sweet. Serve a Roasted Amaretto Sour, the velvety almond-based after-dinner cocktail with a touch of cinnamon and citrus notes.
Roasted Amaretto Sour was conceived by our brilliant mixologist Patrick Pistolesi, who thought of the evening as the perfect time to enjoy this cocktail, without having to give up the pleasant after-dinner chats. You just have to shake, pour on the ice, serve: your quality cocktail is ready, just like at the bar.
Amaretto Adriatico is an Italian liqueur designed for a new generation of fans of its aroma. Inspired by the Apulian countryside, it is produced with Filippo Cea almonds, one of the best in the world, subjected to a slow roasting process. To enhance its sweetness and spicy notes, just add cinnamon, cocoa and a pinch of sea salt from the Adriatic. Allergens: Almonds