Cocktail alcolici fruttati per sopravvivere all’afa estiva

Fruity alcoholic cocktails to survive the summer heat

The heat makes you crazy, you want a good cocktail but you’re afraid to sweat even more? Don’t worry, we at NIO Cocktails know how to make you feel good again! Call your friends, invite them home and get ready to amaze them: you only need the best fruity cocktails which are fresh and perfect to relax in good company, also when heat is too intense.

Cocktail estivi alla frutta

Great to sip for an aperitif or a post dinner, you can enjoy our selection of fresh fruit cocktails.


The classic and refreshing combination of Pampero Rum Blanco and citrus fruits, from a recipe revisited by Patrick Pistolesi with:

  • Rum Pampero Blanco
  • organic citric acid
  • liquid sugar

Daiquiri by NIO Cocktails is an ever lasting classic that you can miss in your aperitif for all tastes.

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A new entry in NIO Cocktails list, an absolute must of mixology that can not miss a summer aperitif. Made with:

  • Tequila Blanco Exotico
  • Cointreau
  • Lime syrup signed by Giffard
  • organic citric acid

It is an exotic thrill with an enveloping flavour.

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A modern classic with Ketel One, Cointreau’s sweet-spicy orange, cranberry and lime that revolutionizes your aperitifs with friends:

  • Vodka Ketel One
  • Cointreau
  • Cranberry syrup
  • Organic citric acid

To make your aperitif fancy and sophisticated.

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Daiquiri NIO Cocktails


An unusual, fresh and fragrant version of Vodka Sour with a touch of elderberry flowers. This signature cocktail was designed by Patrick Pistolesi with:

  • Vodka Ketel One
  • Elderberry flowers Liqueurs Bols
  • Organic citric Acid
  • Liquid sugar

Simply surprising.

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Another of our new cocktails designed just for summer is Mai Tai, a Tiki with a delicious tropical flavor that we prepare with:

  • Ron Colòn Salvadoreño amber and dark,
  • Cointreau to enrich,
  • lime signed by Giffard,
  • and barley syrup by Monin.

A sip of Polynesia to drink.

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How to make a fruity cocktail at home?

Have you ordered your NIO cocktails, are you waiting for delivery, but you’re already thirsty? If you want to experiment, prepare shakers, jiggers and strainers: these are the 5 recipes to prepare simple alcoholic fruity cocktails to enjoy in summer (and not only).


    Cool and refreshing cocktail to swallow when you want to get up! Thanks to the characteristics of vodka, with its neutral flavour, the variant of the classic Caipiroska stands out for its ability to be combined with the fresh tastes of seasonal fruit. Some lime mint and some ice... and that’s it! Below we list the ingredients to taste it with cherry but there are many variations such as berries, peach or raspberry.


    • 50 ml vodka
    • 10 ml Kirsch (cherry liqueur)
    • 5 fresh cherries
    • 1/2 lime cut into wedges
    • 1 table spoon of brown sugar
    • ice

    Cocktail estivi frutta


    For gin lovers, here is the refreshing and lighter reinterpretation of one of the most dynamic, elegant and loved spirits globally. Beyond the popular gin tonic, there are many cocktails with fruit juice and citrus that give a tropical note to the classic gin sour. The Gin Tropical comes with the intense flavor of gin and the freshness of lemon, mixed with the sweetness of peach juice and mango.


    • 60 ml gin
    • 40 ml lemon juice
    • 40 ml Peach-Mango juice
    • 1 spray of grenadine syrup
    • Ice


    A cocktail that plays with the apple and ginger vibes to give an intense twist to every sip. Ideal for garden parties, gin is the protagonist again. You just have to fill the tumbler with apple juice, lemon and ginger ale.. enjoy every last drop!


    • 50 ml gin
    • 25 ml apple uice
    • 75 ml ginger ale
    • 1 slice of lemon
    • 1 sprig of mint
    • ice

    Fruit is historically the protagonist of great cocktails, with its palette of colors and its flavors from the sweetest to the most bitter: it is a traditional love story that combines fruit with the art of mixed drinking. From citrus to yellow fruit and finally red fruit: each has a functional role in terms of both flavor and aromatic bouquet.

    Cocktail estivi alla frutta

    Quale frutta può essere abbinata ad un cocktail alcolico?

    Certainly can not miss:

    • Lemon: it is an essential ingredient in the preparation of a cocktail because it builds the best taste sensations. Acidity is a vehicle that supports aromas.
    • Peach: it is one of the fruits par excellence which is able to satisfy the most bitter palates. Yellow peach, white, with striated skin: give color and freshness in the hands of those who work with the imagination.
    • Apple: it is one of the most famous, iconical and simple fruits to find in every season. The world of mixology takes advantage of its versatility combining it with traditional ingredients and renewing it to get new flavors and unique blends.
    • Orange: it’s a seasonal fruit with a thousand uses and rich in nutritional properties. For the preparation of cocktails is used juice, mashed or wedges. Its qualities are enhanced both within the cocktails for aperitifs and those more challenging after-dinner. Every good bartender must have it on his drink list.

    Build your box with fruity cocktails by NIO Cocktails